1.            What does a ‘multimedia creator’ do?

The question has lots of answers (hence the ‘multi’ in multimedia) but in a nutshell a multimedia creator works on the design and development of a variety of forms of content for the web and print.  This could mean building a website, designing a promotional poster, creating a motion graphics video or any number of varied projects.

2.            Why should I choose you over the scads of multimedia creators out there?

I bring a balance of technical and artistic skills to my projects that is rare in our industry.  Many people are strong in one area but weak in the other.  I strive to differentiate myself by walking that line down the middle and the results are evident in my work!

3.            I have a facebook page for my business, is this enough?

No!  It is not simply enough to create spaces like that and then just ignore them!  Users are drawn in by consistently-produced, relevant content.  Therefore, if you want to satisfy their hunger, you need to feed them regularly (or hire someone to do it for you!).

4.            Are you as interesting in real life as you are when you are writing FAQs?

No.  I’m at least twice as cool in person.

5.            What is the most important aspect of what you do?

I wouldn’t say that there is one aspect that outweighs all the others, I would say there are three!  No matter what project you are working on (print, web, etc.) it is like a table that stands on three legs; content, design and development.  Content is your message, design is the idea of how to convey your message and development is the execution of that idea.

6.            The artist formerly known as Prince has said that the internet is dead.  Is this true?

I wouldn’t put too much stock in the words of an artist formerly known as relevant.  The internet is here and growing every day.  It isn’t going anywhere.

7.            Does my business/organization really need to be on the web?

This depends on who you are trying to appeal to.  If you are trying to connect with some wild-eyed guy living in the mountains with a family of bears, then probably not.  Alternatively, if you are trying to reach anyone else, then a web presence is a really good idea.  More and more our lives our lived (in varying degrees) on the web.  When people are seeking out information on products, services and organizations, the web is the place to go.  That raises this question:  “if you aren’t on the web, are you even there at all?”

8.            Is it easy to have rugged good looks AND be boyishly charming?

For the average person this would be a challenge.  For me, it just comes naturally.

9.            What is the first step in developing  my business’ online strategy?

Other than finding a talented individual to do it for you (ie. me), the first step is figuring out who you want to reach and what you want to tell them.  It all starts with the message!  From there you can consider what web options are available to help you convey your message to your market.

10.          What is the fastest land mammal?

This is the cheetah.  It can run consistently at 75 miles per hour but has been clocked at an impressive 125.  Upon catching its prey the cheetah uses its mouth to cover the animal’s nose and mouth resulting in the suffocation of its soon-to-be dinner.


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